"For Internationals . . . and Those Who Love Internationals!"

Rob & Lori Pengra

As followers of Jesus, Lori and I have loved the life God has given us!  We have had the privilege to start three churches in the Portland area, serve overseas in Thailand as missionaries and now serve as Pastor of New Harvest International Church.  We have amazing kids, wonderful friends and a church passionate for God!

Lori and I love being out meeting new people and we also love just sitting quietly and reading.  We love playing games, eating mangoes and sticky rice (an Asian dessert) and watching our favorite teams – The Blazers, Seahawks and Mariners!  (We are true natives of the Northwest!)  We enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning with our quiet times.  I get a bit grouchy if I can’t get a “good” cup of coffee.  I like playing basketball and Lori likes to do all kinds of crafts.  (For the record, I didn’t say she was crafty!)

We love passionate worship music that brings us to tears before God and hearing miraculous stories of what God is doing around the world!  Injustice of any kind really makes us mad and we struggle when we feel that we can’t do anything about it.  We have friends of different cultural backgrounds all over Portland and the world and we learn so much about ourselves when we spend time with them.  We enjoy the beach, but prefer a Thai beach most of the time.  We tend to be extreme optimists – our glass isn’t just half full but overflowing, but there are times when we see the frailty of life and the persecution of Christians around the world and want nothing more than for Jesus to come back again!  But as Paul said in Philippians 1:21 “To live is Christ and to die is gain.”

More than anything else, we want to be Godly people who represent the Father well and are willing to do anything He asks of us.  As the song says, “we desire to follow hard after God”!